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Since 1969 our family has been providing superior quality fresh meats to our customers. Whether you are in need of locally raised FARM-FRESH-175x115beef, bison, lamb, goat, pork or in need of poultry items such as chicken, turkey, duck or goose, our expert team members are eager to exceed your expectations.

In addition to being an “old fashioned meat market” we are a full service, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspected facility. We are also proud to be “animal welfare” approved. That means we comply with strict adherence to the humane treatment of the animals we process.

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Our Customers Say…

Really, this place is freakin’ phenomenal. Everything I have purchased has been beyond delicious. Even some frozen Italian sausages I purchased (disappointed that they only had them frozen at that time, but oh well) were ridiculously flavorful and moist. Four decent size sausages for $5.50 or so seemed like a pretty good cost to quality ratio to me! The service is still excellent.
Zach G.
Absolutely the BEST bacon I have ever had. Nothing like some thick cut bacon and farm fresh eggs for a Saturday morning breakfast!
Lauren S.
We always talk the talk about buying local, likely humanely raised meat and supporting local business while eating much healthier and more identifiable food. I had forgotten all about Steve’s in my years away from the KC area until a friend pointed me at one of their bulk specials. After a little hemming and hawing about whether we should stock up, which one of us was responsible for defrosting the deep freezer first, and when we would squeeze a run out to DeSoto, we just impulsively bought a beef & pork bundle online. We’ll figure out the details later

Well, freezer got cleaned out but not defrosted, and we actually stuck the run out of town on the calendar so we would make sure to plan around it. And, yeah…. it is *everything* you hope for from a local butcher. A half dozen guys running around behind the counter with sharp implements. A couple nice ladies on the phone taking orders trying not to get their phone cords sliced up or clothesline anyone. Fantastic down-home customer service with pros who can tell you about everything they have. And the smell of the smoker that has you salivating before you even get in the door.

The per-pound price on the big bundle broke down to something ridiculously low that could only be compared to what you pay for tubes of mystery meat from Wally World. And the flavor of everything we have tasted has been Ah-mazing. My only problem is that I have to re-learn how to cook *good* meat… you know, meat that is actually really, really lean (as grass fed beef is), meat that is the color of meat and not of additives (the breakfast sausage is the color of pork chops, not hot links), and meat that stands completely on its own for flavor (step away from the salt shaker). But I’m sure I can learn to live with this as a problem…

Beth P.
I came here because I was in town subbing for a co-worker — he said to pick out a couple of rib eyes and he would pay me back, as his way of saying thanks for picking up his slack while he was out of town. He guaranteed I would love the meat.

I was surprised how busy the place was, which was a great sign. It also let me scope out the meat in the case and all the amazing specials (that monthly special is a HUGE bargain, btw!). Their meats are aged and they SHOW IT … sits right there in the case. I wanted my steaks cut thicker than the few they already had cut — no problem — he hauls out that big rib roast and slices off the steaks. You can see the aging on the meat … it’s sooooooo much better than the stuff they have in the supermarkets.

Anyway, cooked them to just past rare on the grill, with just a bit of sea salt and fresh ground pepper … holy freaking frijoles, Batman … some of THE BEST steak I have had in a long time! And at a price and quality that blows the supermarkets away!

Another friend at work was pricing a prime rib roast for Christmas and was referred to Steve’s … got one for $4 LESS PER POUND than a cryovac’d pack at a GIANT BOX store … omuhgawsh, now I want one!

Kevin P.
Meat always fresh with no additives. Steaks cut to order. Always friendly and willing to go the extra mile for customer service. Check your chicken at the grocery and it has added salt. The ground beef has fillers and preservatives not listed. If you want meat and just meat this is the place to go.
Dsmiles T
Oh my… I just made a kick ass dinner… Grilled Bacon wrapped filets from Steve’s Meat-Market and grilled asparagus with a salad… — feeling awesome.
Carla S.
First ever Steve’s Meat-Market experience! Pretty excited for all this meat! The bacon wrapped sirloins look ahhhh-mazing.
Kelsi M.
I was very happy of all my meat I received , extremely happy with my hamberger
Mary K.